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Bloomer Veterans Memorial

We are so proud to honor members of the Armed Forces that have so bravely served our country. We hope you can stop by and visit this beautifully created memorial park in Bloomer and pay your respects. We also welcome you to join us in making a donation to the park, or adding a name to the stones.  Click the link, or scroll below, for more details. 

Bloomer Veterans Memorial

1200 Veterans Memorial Drive 

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A Brief History of the Memorial


April 2004 - Initial organizational meeting of the Bloomer Memorial Committee.

July 2004- Memorial property donated by Tom and Sue Bleskacek. 

October 2005 - Construction begins with groundbreaking.  

November 2005 - Flag poles installed and retaining wall built.

July 2006 - Cement pads for the tablets and benches constructed. 

January 2007 - POW monuments established and in place.

October 2007 - Pavers and surrounding stone floor were laid. 

January 2008 - Black tablets listing area veterans were delivered and set into place.

May 2008 - Bell tower was constructed. 

July 5, 2008 - The community of Bloomer held the dedication for the Bloomer Veterans Memorial.


Qualifications to be a listed Veteran at the Memorial

  1. Veteran must have served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine (during WWII only) or National Guard or Reserves.

  2. Veteran would have served at any time since the Revolutionary War.

  3. peace time or war time

  4. living or deceased

  5. male or female

  6. The Veteran must have an Honorable Discharge from one of the branches of service in Item 1.

  7. In addition to Items 1-3 the Veteran should have lived within an 8 mile radius of Bloomer or had close ties to the Bloomer Community, that is:  

  8. went to school in Bloomer (may or may not have returned to Bloomer after school) or

  9. moved to Bloomer and made Bloomer their home for some period of time or

  10. worked or made their living in the Bloomer area for some period of time.


 There is no cost to have the Veteran's name on the black tablets.     


How To Donate

This memorial would not have been possible without the donation of time, labor, materials, guidance, and financial contributions of a great number of individuals and businesses. The memorial committee wishes to thank all who assisted with this project. Contributions both great and small assured the success of this endeavor.

Funding for this memorial came through efforts of various businesses, individuals, and organizations. Some money was raised through food stands, the sale of magnetic ribbons, raffle proceeds, motorcycle rides, and donations. The main fund-raising push came with the sale of flag poles, benches and pavers. As the memorial lives on, future funds will be generated through the continued sale of engraved pavers.


The 6" x 6" engraved pavers cost $250. The 12" x 12" engraved pavers cost $500. Engraving on the pavers should pay tribute to a veteran or present a patriotic message.


Individuals wishing to purchase a paver may do so by contacting the Bloomer Community Visitors Center.

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