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Annual Rope Jump Contest



Mark your Calendars....
for the 2021 contest, scheduled for January 30, 2021.

Bloomer's rope jumping boom began in 1960 when a former coach named Wally Mohrman became the physical education teacher in the schools. Knowing the value of the exercise, he decided to stir some interest with a contest. The emphasis was on speed jumping: how many times a student could whip a rope under his feet in a given period.

Each year interest grew. Champion jumpers emerged, and records were established to shoot at. The finals are held each year on the last Saturday in January. Each year, students from Grades 1 through 8 train hard and come to Bloomer to compete.

To add to the contest, Mohrman formed a group called the "Swinging Safari". Its girls do precision rope jumping routines to various types types of music. Their appearances highlight the rope jump event.

Bloomer has made itself into America's swingingest town. Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and signs at the city limits all proclaim our fame. Many other schools are sponsoring speed jumping contests and sending their winners to the big world championship in Bloomer. Each year the Bloomer contest is bigger and better with records constantly being challenged.




Saturday January 30,2021


 1.)       All division category entries must be received in Bloomer no later than

            FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 2021.  We have enclosed a division sheet for

            your school to list the winners that will be competing at the contest.  We

            ask that you clearly mark the division sheet properly and use the correct

            spelling of each participant’s name.


            MAIL ENTRIES TO:  Bloomer Speed Rope Jump Contest

                                                 PO Box 273

                                                 Bloomer WI 54724

            Contest to be held in Bloomer on Saturday January 30, 2021.


 2.)       Registration will begin for each division at 8 a.m. at the Bloomer

            Senior High School. All entrants must

            be registered by 9:30 am.


 3.)       Preliminaries will begin promptly at 10 am.  We will take a break

            between each division.  Preliminaries should be completed by approximately

        2 pm.


4.)        The Hospitality Room will be open from 9 a.m. until 5 pm. Coffee, pop, chips and sandwiches will be served at very reasonable prices.


5.)        Finals will start at 3 pm with the finals competition lasting an estimate of 2 hours.



6.)     All finalists are asked to be back at the Bloomer Senior High School by 2:30pm for the Finals Competition.


Forms for the 2021 Rope Jump Contest

  • Rope Jump Invitation: Open 
  • Rope Jump Schedule: Open
  • Rope Jump Contest Rules: Open 
  • Ticket Prices: Open


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